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Handicap Driving Aids

Handicap Driving Aids, Vans, Wheelchair Vans, Accessible Vans with Wheelchair Lifts and Ramp Van Conversions for Sale. Every New or Used Handicapped Vehicle is Equipped with a New Wheelchair Accessible Handicap Conversion.


The Sure Grip hand control system was specifically designed to give drivers the benefit of controlling a vehicle with both hands on the wheel making for a safer, smoother driving experience. Unlike other manual hand controls, the Sure Grip operating handle is in the vertical position... giving you that percision control you've been looking for. Accelerate by rocking back through an arcing motion the fingers and/or the palm.

Not only is the Sure Grip easy to use, it's

  • Requires minimal dash modifications
  • More comfortable (the vertical handle gives a more natural arm and hand position)
  • Virtually effortless (requires limited hand strength and lessens driver fatigue)
  • Aesthetically pleasing (the black vinyl finish blends perfectly with most vehicle interiors)

3500F Auto Hand Control Foam Sure Grip Hand Control

Our foam sure grip hand control was designed two inches longer in length than most handicap hand control features, ensuring comfortable driving control and greater leverage when braking and accelerating.

Our easy-to-use auto hand control options make driving simple-just push forward to brake and pull down to accelerate. Our wide selection of handicap hand control products puts you in command of your vehicle, enabling you to enjoy a driving experience that minimizes fatigue. Our extension and foot controls make everyday tasks convenient for you-from turning the ignition key to setting the parking brake.

Our controls look as good as they perform. Our handicap hand controls come with finished surfaces and sleek lines to complement your vehicle's interior and are adaptable to most cars, trucks, and vans. They are flexible enough to allow an ambulatory person to operate the vehicle with ease.

Our controls are built to be reliable, providing you with years of dependable performance. We back their strength with a full two-year warranty that gives you peace of mind as well as freedom.

The 6-way Power Transfer SeatTM from Ricon

Makes transfers from wheelchair to driver's or passenger's seat convenient and easy. It saves you valuable time, too. At the touch of a fingertip, the fully automatic Power Transfer SeatTM swivels 90 degrees to allow carefree transfers. Individual controls for front to rear travel and height give you complete control and comfort. And with Ricon's quality commitment, you'll have dependable freedom for years to come.

Power Transfer SeatTM Advantages:

  • Fingertip Control

  • Fits Most Full-Size Vans

  • Adaptable to Most Seats

  • Adjustable to Rotate Left or Right

  • 1 year limited warranty

  • Completely Automatic Rotation

  • All functions are independent for maximum flexibility

EZ Lock Power Tie Down



The BL-6290 Base Lock is the heart of the EZ Lock system. The casing is made of sturdy 3/16" powder coated steel, and the locking jaws are 1/4" steel coated with a permanently bonded lubricant. Entry into the lock is mechanical, and release is effected by an electrical pull solenoid. An emergency mechanical release is also incorporated in case the vehicle loses power. The base lock is mounted to the floor of the vehicle, and acts as the receiver for the interfacing pin mounted to the wheelchair.

The ECU-3 is the main user interface for the EZ Lock system. The functions of the ECU-3 include release, alarm buzzer deactivation for unoccupied use, and an array of warning indicators. The green light signifies that the locking jaws are completely closed and the system is safe to use. The yellow indicator light means that the locking jaws are not completely closed, and the user should exit, then re-enter the base lock. The red light indicates that the system has been de-activated, and is for unoccupied use only.

We wish you the best of luck in finding the right

Handicap Driving Aids

DIGIADS Team Australia


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