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Handicap Vans

Handicap Vans, Wheelchair Vans, Accessible Vans with Wheelchair Lifts and Ramp Van Conversions for Sale. Every New or Used Handicapped Vehicle is Equipped with a New Wheelchair Accessible Handicap Conversion.


Driving is a possibility for wheelchair users with the proper adaptive equipment. By contacting an adaptive equipment assessment center , you will be provided with proper evaluation and assistance in selecting the adaptive equipment that's right for you. The adaptive equipment you require for a wheelchair van will depend on your motor functions, road performance, medical history, etc.

Adaptive equipment assessment centers make recommendations for your adaptive equipment, as well as offer you the proper training to use it. There is currently an array of adaptive equipment available online through companies such as Ford, General Motors and Toyota.

Most large auto manufacturers offer variations on the following adaptive equipment:

Wheelchair Carriers - Bumper-mounted carriers, car-top carriers and pick-up bed storage for your chair ($500-$4,000).

Wheelchair Van Hand Controls - Electric/push controlled brakes and acceleration ($360-$2,000).

Floors/Roofs - Lowered floors and raised roofs for additional wheelchair room ($1,000-$19,000).

Wheelchair Van Foot Pedal Extensions - Extensions attach to the van's existing brake and acceleration pedals to make them easier to reach ($45-$1,000).

Keyless Entry - A remote that locks or unlocks your vehicle ($995-$1,250).

Parking Brakes - Electric switch-controlled or extended manual handles ($50-$900).

Wheelchair Van Steering Aids - Larger steering wheels, joystick steering and foot-controlled steering. Designed especially for quadriplegics, those with prosthesis and for those with limited grip strength ($50-$350).

Wheelchair Van Restraints - Electric locking systems, manual restraints and tie-downs to prevent your chair from rolling when the vehicle is in motion. Upper torso restraints will also keep you erect in the driver's seat ($50-$2,000).

Remember to consult with your motor license bureau on the current driving laws, as most states/provinces require special training before issuing a driver's license to drivers of vehicles with adaptive equipment.

We wish you the best of luck!

DIGIADS Team Australia


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