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A Murphy&Nye Alfa 147 At The Frankfurt Show

September 2005
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At the Frankfurt Motor Show, to be held from 15th to 25th September, the public will be able to admire an original Alfa 147 2.0 T.S. Selespeed Murphy&Nye. Stylish and sophisticated, metropolitan and sporty; as with the other versions of the Alfa 147, the finest Alfa Romeo tradition and the essence of a new way of "living in movement" come together in this car too.
It is a unique example, a "Show car" made for the prestigious German show and designed for a young target, that lives dynamically, loving competition and contact with nature, beauty, functionality and practical use all at the same time.

The car has a particularly refined look: it is pearly white with M&N bands, it has diamond wheels with a dark grey background and, on the inside, the dashboard is upholstered with blue and white leather; the seats and the door trim are also upholstered with white and blue leather and fabric. In addition, the steering wheel and the gearshift knob are made of wood; the rear window shelf and the front upright are grey with a metallic effect; the side pockets have a special cord and an original design.

The idea for this cooperation came from the values behind the production of both Companies, values such as a passion for sporting competition, a challenge and freedom.
Alfa Romeos have always combined a unique and strongly Italian style with high technological content, at the top for their performance and able to guarantee great thrills, pleasurable driving and total safety. In the same way, Murphy&Nye has a long tradition in the sailing sector, with experience starting with the production of sails and then applied to the creation of technical clothing conceived and designed for the world of competition, with continual experimentation of new hi-tech fabrics. The M&N clothing line perfectly represents the concept of a beautiful and functional product. The Alfa 147 2.0 T.S. Selespeed Murphy&Nye represents the synthesis of all this experience.

The cooperation between the two brands is not new. In 2004, the style of Murphy&Nye characterized the look of the crew of the Alfa Romeo Yacht Racing Team, headed by of the unbeatable New Zealand owner Neville Crichton. In the wake of this partnership, the two companies have developed the cooperation that has led them to Frankfurt.

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