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2010 Unichip Land Rover Discovery Review

July 2010
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Its long been the farmers favourite, but the venerable Land Rover Discovery Series 2 TD5s rugged nature and off road capabilities have ensured the models enduring popularity with the motoring public. However, even in acclaimed TD5 format, few could ever label the 135 bhp, Series 2 model as potent, especially when overtaking or towing with heavy loads.

Hence why Unichip Europe is delighted to announce a new Sport Conversion upgrade package for the 2.5 litre, five cylinder TD5 Discovery, designed to transform both the cars on road acceleration and off road performance. Central to the conversion is a brand new, advanced specification Owen Developments Garrett turbocharger, allied to a specially mapped Unichip U-Connect supplementary engine management system. Designed as a like for like swap with the original TD5 turbocharger, the totally brand new Owen Developments Garrett unit features considerably higher flowing compressor and exhaust turbine housings, enabling the 2.5-litre, five cylinder engine to produce significant power and torque increases without mechanical strain or turbo lag.

The other crucial component in the package is a U-Connect plug and play Unichip ECU, designed and developed specifically for the TD5. This unit comes pre-mapped by Unichip Europe with adjustments to fuelling and turbo boost levels to maximise performance throughout the rev range. Fitted in minutes, courtesy of its specially developed wiring loom, the Unichips ECU map is the end result of months of dyno and road testing, towing and off road assessment to ensure optimised settings and reliability.

Dyno testing has shown that Unichip Europes Land Rover Discovery TD5 Sport tuning package produces a dramatic performance improvement right throughout the rev range. Brake horsepower increases from a tested 127 bhp at 3776 rpm as standard, to 176 bhp at 4000 rpm, representing a peak gain of 49 bhp over the standard car, making the Discovery feel considerably more sprightly and willing at high revs. And this extra power output has not come at the expense of torque, because the Unichip Europe tuned Land Rover Discovery manages to produce more torque than the standard car at every point in the rev range. Peak torque increases from 217 lb.ft at 2919 rpm to 279 lb.ft at 2957 rpm, equating to a 63 lb.ft gain.

But peak numbers are only half the story, because such is the effectiveness of the conversion that from 1700-4200rpm over 200 lb.ft of torque is always available, making the package perfect for towing or off road use where low rev grunt is at a premium. It also transforms the in-gear acceleration and flexibility of the Land Rover Discovery TD5, enabling swifter, safer overtaking and a much more dynamic driving experience.

This has been proven by in-gear acceleration times figured during road testing, as it shows that the upgrade shaves nearly 4 seconds from the Discoverys 3rd gear 30-50mph acceleration time.

Standard Land Rover Discovery TD5:-

30-50 mph
3rd gear 10.3 sec
4th gear 13.7 sec
5th gear 18.2 sec

Unchip Europe Land Rover Discovery Sport conversion:-

30-50 mph
3rd gear 6.4 sec
4th gear 8.1 sec
5th gear 15.1 sec

Crucially, at a time of soaring fuel costs and despite the considerable performance hike, extensive road testing on the Unichip Europe Land Rover Discovery Sport conversion for the TD5 indicates no fuel consumption penalty. Overall fuel economy actually improves marginally, thanks to the extra mechanical and electronic efficiencies realised by the Unichip Europe conversion.

Priced competitively at just £1396.00 fitted excluding VAT, the Unichip Europe Sport conversion suits all manual and automatic transmission Land Rover Discovery Series 2 TD5 models produced between 1998 and 2005. In addition, the package is also directly compatible with manual transmission variants of the Land Rover Defender TD5.

The Unichip U-Connect ECU package can also be purchased separately as a performance enhancement for the Land Rover Discovery / Defender TD5 and is available now directly from Unichip Europe or from one of 35 Unichip dealers across the United Kingdom, priced at £630.09 including VAT @ 17.5%.

For peace of mind the Unichip Europe Land Rover Discover Sport upgrade is covered by a 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty.

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