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2010 Futuria Motorhome Review

October 2010
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Aerodynamics, trucker feeling, lifestyle and a whiff of luxury: The new FUTURIA sports+spa is more than automobile fascination. It is a vision on wheels that has come true. The FUTURIA trailer truck machine in midi format sets new standards in design, streamlining, available space and comfort and therefore lives up to the brand slogan 'Avantgarde in Motion'. In addition, the manufacturer MOST is combining the new promotion vehicle with a worldwide unique high-end equipped semi-trailer called 'sports+spa' exclusively for the market launch. The rear garage with mirrored ceiling, starry LED sky and lateral exit readily accommodates a sports or racing car and the comfortable leather lounge invites you to stay. The height of exclusivity, however, is marked by a specially manufactured triangular whirlpool integrated into the sun deck. The vanguard trailer truck can be seen for the first time from 28 August to 5 September 2010 at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf.

Good Aerodynamics for Better Fuel Economy
With FUTURIA, MOST, one of Europe's leading manufacturers and rental agencies for promotion vehicles, presents its own 12-ton class trailer truck machine for the first time. The futuristically designed semi-trailer tractor was developed and designed by MOST in cooperation with renowned mobile home manufacturer Eura Mobil. In line with the company's aim to deliver customers added value and benefits that go beyond the unique portfolio already offered, the midi truck features convincing performance with above-average aerodynamics. The aerodynamic construction of the driver's cabin is designed to streamline the airflow over the front of the semi-trailer.

Exemplary Passenger Compartment Space
The pivoting bed measuring 205 x 160 cm integrated into the cabin ceiling is another highlight and a true customer benefit. 'A bed of this size is unique in this vehicle class,' states Guenter Hofbauer, the managing director of MOST. 'The drivers of promotion vehicles are often on the road for several weeks. FUTURIA's generously sized cabin with the huge bed offers for this use, in particular, extra comfort and quality of life you do not find in comparable standard semi-trailer tractors. The amenities including air-suspended leather driver's seat, standard air-conditioning, auxiliary heating, wardrobes in the rear and the optional multi-media centre leave nothing to be desired.

Innovative Production Technology
The entire body of the innovative show truck consists of composite fibre parts, which only have to be glued. Eura Mobil, the cooperation partner, offered valuable expertise for the highly rigid yet light cockpit of the truck. Every FUTURIA truck is set up and equipped according to our own designs entirely by hand on a small, manageable production line. Product development as well as individual customizing of the FUTURIA are carried out at the MOST headquarters in Fürth near Nuremberg.

Reliable Large Series Basis
MOST relies on the Iveco large series components for the chassis and the drive of the trend-setting semi-trailer tractor. The drive is provided by a modern 3.0 l four-cylinder diesel engine in compliance with the latest emission standard Euro 5. The common rail engine features exhaust gas recirculation as well as a turbocharger with variable section and offers a performance of 170 HP (125 kW) at 2,990-3,500 min-1. The maximum torque of 400 Nm is available within a very wide speed range of 1,250 up to 3,000 min-1. Thanks to this enormous elasticity, FUTURIA is an ideal draught horse for a promotion, racing or horse trailer offered by MOST to match the semi-trailer tractor. But even without a semi-trailer, this perfectly shaped, completely wrapped truck with a sporty rear diffuser cuts a very impressive figure.
Limited Show Truck Fascination
MOST equipped the premiere vehicle with high-end show truck furnishings '“ e.g. under-floor effect lighting and smoke machine, luxurious leather seats, an Alpine multi-media system including navigation, rear view camera monitor and two monitors integrated into the bed canopy as well as one monitor attached to the rear wall. 'We are happy to fulfil any further special equipment requirements our customers may have beyond these options,' affirms MOST's chief executive, Mr. Hofbauer. MOST offers the first generation of FUTURIA trailer truck machines in a strictly limited edition of 100 units worldwide.

FUTURIA sports+spa
MOST's managing director Guenter Hofbauer had a very special idea for the FUTURIA truck premiere, because FUTURIA's cherry on the cake will be an exclusively equipped semi-trailer eclipsing everything known until now '“ the FUTURIA sports+spa. It is based on the FUTURIA trailer specially developed for the FUTURIA truck, however, it comprises unique luxurious furnishings including a sports car garage, lounge, berth and roof whirlpool. The dropped frame of the eleven m long trailer features an innovative, lightweight aluminium construction and offers an extremely low interior floor height between 54 and 71 cm '“ the promotion trailer record. The side walls are elegantly pulled down to 280 mm above road level, thus also integrating the prescribed lateral crash protection.

Perfectly Equipped Sports Car Garage
A spectacular yet practical sports car garage is located at the rear of the lifestyle trailer. A 3.80 m access ramp permits a flat slope angle of just 8 degrees, but this is not the only exceptional feature: The exclusive furnishings comprise a mirrored ceiling with integrated starry LED sky, a winch as well as a side flap making it easy to get out of narrow sports cars. In addition, a perfectly quiet 11.5 kW on-board generator provides maximum independence from the local power supply.

Sleeping Berth Next To the Race Track
Above the garage, there is a built-in, small air-conditioned sleeping berth with two separate beds as well as wardrobes. The upholstered wall and ceiling and LED lighting make the berth bright and comfortable.

Generously Apportioned Sports Lounge

The main space of the trailer is furnished as a comfortable lounge with a U-shaped suite in a premium leather finish for up to ten persons. Besides the high-quality waterproof wall and floor covering, the panel ceiling features dimmable LED lighting. Two air-conditioners provide ever pleasant temperatures in the lounge. The furnishings include a countertop with sink, refrigerator, microwave and fully automatic coffee machine '“ all in the highest name brand quality. Two LCD monitors integrated into the wall with 22 and 32 inch screen sizes as well as invisible flat membrane loudspeakers provide lounge guests with TV and listening enjoyment.

Extravagant Sun Deck
In the front area of the FUTURIA sports+spa a stairway leads comfortably to the walk-in sun deck. Overwhelming impressions reminiscent of the garage and lounge equipment are waiting for you on the top deck: Exquisite parquet flooring in teak finish underlines the yacht-like character of the FUTURIA sports+spa. The whirlpool embedded in the roof floor is unique. The triangular 550 l basin with illuminated jet nozzles and pulsators, LED lighting as well as a waterfall create a special, unexpected experience. A relaxing bath on the FUTURIA sports+spa sun terrace '“ that's lifestyle at its best.

Exclusivity Has Its Price
MOST offers the FUTURIA trailer truck machine with standard equipment for 153,952 euros (incl. VAT). The upscale show truck version together with the exclusively equipped semi-trailer FUTURIA sports+spa '“ with leather lounge, sports car garage and roof whirlpool '“ presents a total value of 657,413 euros for this exceptional and noble trailer.

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