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2010 Qt Wildcat 300STR Review

June 2010
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Powered by an ultra-reliable, 4 liter Rover V8, the Qt Wildcat 300STR is capable of 3-figure speeds over completely unmade terrain, something that even the ubiquitous Range Rover Sport would look askance at. The secret of the success of this model is the suppleness of its chassis and suspension, derived from its big brothers that compete in 'raid' events such as the gruelling Dakar Rally, which makes it surprisingly easy and comfortable to drive. And in spite of its incredible performance figures - 0-60 in 5.8 seconds " the Wildcat manages to achieve a good balance between performance and economy. The car pictured not only has the usual Wildcat features that make it almost unbreakable " fully welded tubular chassis, 4-wheel drive, 5-point harnesses, heavy duty differentials and drive-shafts - but also creature comforts such as air conditioning, bluetooth, iPod dock and stereo hi-fi.

Depending on your style of driving, there are three Wildcat variants to choose from - the Qt Wildcat 300STR (described here), the 400NSR which is a full competition model designed for hill rallies and tout terrain events and the top spec 500DKR which has the full rally raid package for serious and seasoned competitors.

The new car features many upgrades from the previous version to improve its performance and is performing well in competition.

Central to this is the all new Jaguar V8 engine which has given a significant increase in power and a much wider and flatter torque curve. This has vastly improved the cars driveability.

Coupled to the engine is the newly developed close ratio, straight cut gearbox which is matched to engine characteristics.

Revisions have also been made to the steering with a new quick ratio steering box requiring less input resistance making the car easier to control over the long Rally Raid stages.

The new car also features 60mm Donerre lithium fast rebound dampers which vastly improve traction and control; the Qt-designed mountings for the coil over shock absorbers were developed in conjunction with Donerre.

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