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2011 Luxgen7 SUV

After the unprecedented success of its debut model, the LUXGEN7 MPV, which received comprehensive media coverage during the world debut at the Dubai motor show, achieved phenomenal sales volume which surpassed the sales volume of the entire Hyundai brand ...
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2010 McLaren F1 25 Years On

May 2010

In 1988, McLaren took the decision to expand from Formula One and design and build “the finest sports car the world had ever seen. In March 1990 the team that was to create the F1 came together for the first time. In its 20th anniversary year, the McLare...
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2010 Hulme CanAm Supercar

May 2010

A limited run of just 20 New Zealand-designed and built Hulme CanAm supercars ensures extreme rarity value. The developers of the eagerly-awaited 200+mph Hulme CanAm Supercar, named in honor of New Zealand racing legend and F1 World Champion, Denny H...
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2010 Luxgen 2.2L MEFI Turbo Engine

May 2010

Engine weight reduction and performance maximization are both challenging goals for all automotive engineers. In the past, these two criteria seem to be mutually exclusive to achieve; however, through the relentless efforts and close cooperation with the ...
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2009 BERU New Tire Management Software

April 2010

Innovative Garage Monitoring Software allows race teams to monitor pressure and temperature of up to 240 tyres at once A new software option that offers race and tyre engineers the possibility to simultaneously monitor the pressure and tempera...
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2009 Reva Launches Two New Cars

April 2010

The REVA NXR is a four-seat, three-door hatchback family car suitable for urban driving that can be ordered at the show, with production scheduled to commence at the beginning of 2010. The showcar, REVAs model for 2011, is the REVA NXG; a spor...
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2009 Ricardo Intelligent Air Conditioning

November 2009

The Sentience project " which aims to demonstrate the significant advantages of extending the electronic automotive horizon through the integration of automotive systems, mobile telecoms and advanced mapping technology " today announced the results of ext...
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2009 Yenko 45 Years On

October 2009

As the 45th Anniversary of the Yenko legacy draws near, General Marketing Capital Incorporated (GMCI) announced today its ownership of the classic trademark and its plans to revitalize the brand. To jump start this effort, Yenko owner, enthusi...
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2011 McLaren MP4-12C 600hp

September 2009

The McLaren MP4-12C is revealed as the first in a range of high-performance sports cars from McLaren Automotive, the independent car division based at the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, England. The 12C, and future models within the range, will chal...
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