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Renault Nissan Alliance Announces More Than 5.9 Million Vehicle Sales in 2006

January 2007
January 30, 2007 -- The Renault Nissan Alliance retained its position as the fourth largest global automaker in 2006 in terms of unit sales. A combined 5,911,171 vehicles were sold in 2006 (down 3.6%) to secure a global market share of 9%.

Renault and Nissan sold a total of 2,433,372 and 3,477,799 vehicles respectively. Globally, Renault sales decreased by 4% while Nissan sales saw a 3.3% reduction.
Major areas of growth for the Alliance were in Russia (+96.9%), Colombia (33.6%), China (22.5%), and Middle East and Africa (+15.2%).

Renault saw growth outside Europe but was offset by declines in Europe. Nissan also had a mixed year with a diversity of results from market to market.

Renault sold 2,115,176 vehicles under the Renault brand (down 6%), 121,855 vehicles under the Samsung brand (up 2%) and 196,341 Dacia-branded vehicles (up 19.5%). A total of 247,000 Logan models were sold worldwide in 2006 under both the Dacia and Renault brands.

Growth for Renault came from outside Europe, where sales increased by 8.8%, driven by the increasing availability of Logan, the performance of Samsung and the growth of the Renault brand in international markets. By the end of 2006, sales outside Europe accounted for more than 30% of Renault’s total global sales.

In Europe, a lack of major product launches combined with the acceleration of the selective commercial policy to reduce unprofitable sales, which will have a noticeable positive effect on future used car business, resulted in a decrease in sales of 8.8% for Renault.

Nissan sold 3,341,527 vehicles under the Nissan brand, down 3.1% over the prior year. Global sales of Infiniti vehicles stabilized at 136,272 units, boosted at the end of the year by the new G sedan.

Nissan recorded sales of over 1 million units for the second consecutive year in its largest market, the United States. Newly launched products such as the Nissan Versa compact helped offset declines in the truck market.

In Japan, Nissan’s sales including minicars fell 11.5% to 766,702. In Europe, annual sales were flat at 539,773 units. New growth markets such as Russia balanced declines from mature markets.

In other global markets, poor performances in Thailand and Taiwan were balanced with continued growth in China and the markets of the Middle East.

Alliance continues to deliver value for both partners

The jointly developed M1D engine, a 2-liter common-rail diesel, was rolled out across the Renault and Nissan ranges in 2006 following its introduction in the Renault Laguna in 2005. The first application for Renault of the Alliance 2-liter petrol engine (M1G) appeared in the Clio range in the second half of 2006.

Renault Samsung Motors started exports of the SM3 model from Korea under the Nissan brand. Exports of this model totalled approximately 38,000 units in 2006.


Signed on March 27th, 1999, the Renault-Nissan Alliance is a unique partnership of two global companies united for performance through a coherent strategy, common goals and principles, results-driven synergies and shared best practices. Both companies respect and reinforce their respective identities and brands.

Renault and Nissan, headquartered respectively in Paris and Tokyo, have a separate management structure and run their individual operations through their respective executive committees. Each is accountable to its shareholders and its board of directors. Yet each partner has a substantial stake in the other. Renault owns 44.3% of Nissan, and Nissan 15 percent of Renault.

The Alliance generates value for the shareholders of each company through the best established standards of corporate governance. Renault’s market capitalization has increased by 17.5 billion euros ($22.25 billion) since the Alliance was formed in 1999. Nissan’s market capitalization has increased by 4,854 billion yen ($41.28 billion) over the same period. The Alliance ranks #2 among major global automakers in both market capitalization and profitability.

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