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GeigerCars Hummer GT Gullwing Doors

Wild thing: The HUMMER GT from GmbH isn't only a perfect eyecatcher due to its gullwing doors: The SUV rolls on giant 30-inch wheels and is 225 km/h fast due to its 556 hp / 409 kW supercharger engine. The complete car is available for ...
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Geiger Mustang GT 520

September 2006

How much excitement and sporty character can the current Ford Mustang really offer? The answer to this question delivers 520 hp / 382.7 kW, reaches a top speed of 287 km/h, and in addition to racing-inspired body styling painted a hot GeigerCars.d...
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GeigerCars Hummer H2 Hannibal

June 2006

If Hannibal would live today, he would probably use no elephants for the crossing of the alps but the HUMMER H2 from which was named after him. Europe's biggest HUMMER dealer and also leading European customizer of American cars tu...
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Geigercars SC 524 Kompressor

May 2006 SC 524 Kompressor - that's the name of the new especially powerful version of the current Corvette C6 which is available with manual gearbox or automatic transmission. Its performance speaks for itself: The supercharged V8 delivers 524 hp / ...
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Geigercars Hummer H3

April 2006

Extra power via supercharger is the motto for the tune-up of the 3.5 litre fivecylinder Vortec engine of the H3. The engine technicians of Europe’s leading customizer for US cars are developing a supercharger engine for the small HUMME...
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