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Canadian Pricing Announced for the 2007 Saturn Vue Green Line – A Hybrid That Makes Sense Review

June 2006
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* Canada’s lowest cost hybrid SUV at just $28,795
* Up to 20% reduced fuel consumption according to Transport Canada standardized testing procedures
* Cost of hybrid system – just $2,600 – can be completely recovered through fuel savings

Oshawa, Ontario (Tuesday, June 13, 2006) -- Saturn announced today that pricing for the new, 2007 Vue Green Line hybrid model will start at just $28,795 making it the lowest-priced hybrid SUV in Canada. At almost $5,000 less than it’s nearest direct competitor, Canadians can finally go green without going broke.

2007 Saturn Vue Green Line (Hybrid)

Arriving at Saturn retailers later this summer, the Vue Green Line provides up to 20% improved fuel consumption versus its 2007 non-hybrid sibling depending on driving conditions, thanks to a fuel consumption rating of 8.8 L/100 km in the city and 6.7 L/100 km on the highway – the best highway rating of any SUV currently available.

While other manufacturers typically charge a large premium for their hybrid variants, the Vue Green Line hybrid will cost just $2,600 more than a similarly equipped non-hybrid Vue. That represents half of the premium charged for most other hybrids on the market.

As a result, the Vue Green Line can offer customers a realistic payback on their up-front hybrid investment through fuel savings. In fact, customers who take advantage of hybrid tax credits available in some provinces could achieve a payback on the cost of the Green Line’s hybrid system in under 2 years.*

“We all want to do what we can to be environmentally responsible, but few can afford existing hybrid offerings that require such large up-front premiums with little chance of payback,“ said Dave McCall, Saturn’s brand director. “The Vue Green Line changes all of that. It is, without a doubt, the most functional and affordable hybrid vehicle in the market and makes the benefits of hybrid technology available to more Canadians than ever before.”

The hybrid system in the Vue Green Line model combines sophisticated controls with a precise electric motor/generator mated to the 2.4 L engine. Acceleration is comparable to, and in many cases better than, similarly equipped non-hybrid SUVs. The system delivers improved fuel consumption by providing electric power assist during acceleration, through early fuel cut-off during deceleration with torque smoothing and by shutting the engine off at idle. The system also captures electrical energy through regenerative braking.

The Vue Green Line also features several standard equipment upgrades, including antilock brakes with traction control, 16-inch alloy wheels, chrome-finish skid plates, body-color door handles and exterior mirrors, bright side moldings and rear spoiler as well as specific instrumentation designed to provide the driver with hybrid system information. As with all Vue models, the Green Line offers standard power windows, door locks and exterior mirrors, remote keyless entry, fold-flat front passenger seatback and rear cargo organizer. All Saturns also come equipped with OnStar and a one-year subscription to the Safe and Sound service plan.

Complete information on the Vue Green Line can be found on the Web at

This year, Saturn will double the number of entries in its portfolio, beginning with the Sky roadster that is now arriving at retailers. Later this summer, the Vue Green Line will be joined by the all-new Saturn Aura midsize sedan and the high-performance Sky Red Line. As well, the all-new eight-passenger Saturn Outlook crossover utility enters the market toward the end of the year. Saturn also recently announced plans for a Green Line hybrid version of the Aura sedan in 2007, which will be one of the six hybrid models GM will bring to market over the next year.

Headquartered in Oshawa, Ontario, General Motors of Canada employs more than 20,000 people nationwide. GM of Canada manufactures a variety of vehicles, engines, transmissions and other components, and markets the full range of General Motors vehicles and related services through 765 dealerships and retailers across Canada. Vehicles sold through this network include Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac, GMC, Saturn, Hummer, Saab and Cadillac.

* Based upon NRCAN annual fuel use values, the Vue Green Line will use 360L less than the 2007 non-hybrid Vue. Assumes consumers receive a $2,000 provincial hybrid tax credit. Calculated based upon gas priced at 90 cents/L (today’s higher gas prices would reduce payback period even further):

-- 360L x 90 cents = $324 saved annually / 12 = $27 saved monthly
-- $2,600 hybrid system cost - $2,000 tax credit = $600 incremental cost / $27 saved monthly = 22.22 months payback

Source: GM Canada

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