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2008 Think Selects ARPRO for New City Car Review

December 2008
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TH!NK selects lightweight ARPRO® for new city car
Simple, light and resilient ARPRO selected for stylish new city car

A lightweight, resilient and 100 percent recyclable expanded polypropylene has been selected by Nordic low emissions car manufacturer, TH!NK. Supplied by JSP, ARPRO is helping TH!NK to enhance its new city electric car’s ecological potential.

“The door and instrument panel are critical structures that have to withstand multiple environmental tests, such as moisture, fire and harsh temperatures,” explains Paul Compton, JSP’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer (Europe). “The successful high temperature test results and recyclable properties of ARPRO led to TH!NK’s supplier, a leading tier one automotive technology company, choosing ARPRO.”

”The car is 95 percent recyclable. This makes it not only environmentally friendly to drive, it also will not pollute the environment after its usable life.” Christian Blom, TH!NK’s head engineer.

ARPRO provides a unique combination of material properties, making it ideal for use in automotive products. JSP is expert at tailoring ARPRO for specific applications, where the expanded polypropylene can reduce system mass by 25 percent to 35 percent. Its extremely high strength-to-weight ratio allows the TH!NK city’s interior panels to withstand occupant impacts without significant deformation and to return to their original shape following dynamic stress.

The Norwegian TH!NK city is an emission free, 100 percent electric car that meets all the safety requirements of a large car in both the European and US market. Its doors and instrument panel are made out of ARPRO, which in turn is fully recyclable, and laminated with a fabric cover in a quick one step process.

“The TH!NK project is further proof of ARPRO’s environmentally friendly qualities,” concludes Compton.

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