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If you need a private Bayliner for less than $17,600 we can help you find one. You're working with incomplete information. Don't give up. Are you trying to locate a used Bayliner 289 at a great price? Hold onto your seat! You can actually find a great late model used boat like a private Bayliner 289 at an amazingly low price. We're dedicated to making boat hunting easy and convenient. That means you can find the very best deals on popular boats like the private Bayliner 289. If you're searching for a pre-owned Bayliner 289, we're the first place you should look. You can find a great Bayliner for well under $17,600 if you know how. Come visit our listings and see if you can find the 289 you want at the right price. First, you can't be sure you're getting the best deal unless you know exactly what's on the market. Visit our website today to find out how we can help you. No one seems to be selling the boat you'd like to be buying. Are you looking for a tiny, fuel-efficient option or are you interested in a four-door sedan? What's on your mind as you search for a used boat? If you want a great TAS, SA, ACT, NT, QLD, VIC, NSW and WA boat at a fantastic price, stop by our site today. Relax, we have the solution to your problems. There are few, if any, places where you see so many 289s. Join our site's other visitors and find the right boat for you. The private Bayliner 289 is one of the best boats on the road. Put a late model Bayliner 289 in your driveway at an affordable price. Our comprehensive local listings reveal all of the private Bayliner boats in Canberra, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney. Visit our site today to see how we can help you find the best bargains. We make finding the right boat easy and supply all of the important information necessary for making a smart boat shopping decision, too. Now you don't need to rely on small snapshots of your local market when looking for a used boat.


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 2005 BAYLINER 289 SINGLE I/O boat for sale - $112,680

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DEALER COST!!! Brand new, 2005 model with a number of factory fitted options (inquire for details). Other models are available also. All are ready for shipment to any major international port.
Located in Christchurch QLD

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