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Auto Transport

Conversion Vans

Van Conversion of Handicap Vans for accessible travel. Van conversion of Toyota Sienna, GMC Conversion Van, 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan, Chevy Conversion Van, Ford Conversion Van, Braun Entervan and IMS ramp vans and rampvan. Conversion of vans into ramp vans for wheel chair access - used accessible van.


Van Conversion for handicapped usage

Van Conversion for handicapped usage is becoming increasingly straight forward than it is has been to convert your vehicle in the past. Converting vehicles of standard use for handicapped accessibility is supported by many reputable car conversion centers and van conversion dealers throughout the country.  The van conversion centers are now capable of all the handicap van conversion transformation, handling all of the tough work and delivering the vehicle back to you in less than 3 weeks.

While it is easy to just hand over the handicap van for van conversion
and then pick it up a few weeks later, it is quite important to understand the work completed during the handicap van conversion stages so that any faults detected after the van conversion can be understood by you the consumer. Below are the stages of work completed by van conversion centers:

Steps to Handicap Van Conversion

  1. Remove everything under the luggage cars
    This includes the fuel tank and any under carriage equipment.
  2. Remove the internal flooring mat under the driver’s seat and front passenger seat.
    The entire prime floor structure is now exposed.
  3. The flooring structure is now formed into the ramp support structure.
    This allows for ramp extension flooring to be implemented into the supporting body framework reinforced by steal to make the handicap van conversion strong enough to support the additional weight imposed by the ramp structure.
  4. The floor structure is now aligned to the center of the handicap van.
  5. The handicap van ramp floor sections (4 to 6 feet in length).
    These are toward the rear or lateral entry point is now put into place so that the handicap van flooring can be extended from under the internal ramp van flooring. This does however depend on the handicap van conversion centre and handicap van manufacturer.
  6. Additional measures are taken to increase the ramp van extensions strength and stiffness of the rear abolition so floor matting does not move or flex.
  7. The handicap van new floor matting surface is now put into place with ramp slide rails exposed.
  8. All seats, under carriage equipment are put into place along with a new handicap space friendly that fits within the new confined space.

Important Gotacha’s of Handicap Van Conversion

Some handicap van conversion centers will opt to not replace the fuel tank plastics or stainless steels sections and instead use the original ones. In some cases this causes issues with the original fuel tank parts cannot withstand the pressure sections of the new fuel tank. You just need to remind them that parts for the new fuel tank need to be ordered and no usage of original parts can be used. It is not a bad idea to offer to sell the original fuel tank to the conversion centre or advertise it online where you can recoup some the cost or the new fuel tank.

After the van conversion you will excited to see that handicap van now boasts all the comforts you expect to have with any vehicle. The handicap ramp extensions will mean there is no need anymore for the some to assist with getting into the car seat. Now it is simply place yourself in the position of the van ramp and you can be driving in minutes!

List of different types of conversion vans:

  • Toyota Sienna

  • GMC Conversion Van

  • 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

  • Chevrolet Conversion Van

  • Ford Conversion Van

  • Braun Entervan

  • IMS Rampvan

  • Braun Entervan Conversion

  • Braun Sienna Rampvan

  • Chrysler Town & Country F Rampvan

  • Dodge Grand Caravan Rampvan

  • Ford E-350 Conversion Van

  • Ford Explorer Conversion

  • IMS Conversion van

The biggest issue now days is choosing the type of van conversion, with types of conversion vans being either rear van entry or lateral van entry. Currently the most popular type of handicap van conversion is the direct rear entry.

We wish you the best of luck!

DIGIADS Team Australia


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