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Stair Lifts

Handicap Stair lift and lift chairs and wheelchair lifts - Stair lifts making your house more accessible. Electric chair lifts, electric wheelchair stairlifts, wheelchair stair lift and wheelchair stair lifts, stair lifts Australia USA and UK all to make your home equipped with new Stairlifts.

Stair lift - Lift chair - Wheelchair Lifts - Low Cost Stair Lifts - Stair lifts - electric chair - electric wheelchair - wheelchair stair lift

Wheelchair Lifts for your electric wheelchair

No matter if you use an electric wheelchair or manual wheelchair there is a stair lift with electronic control making your stairlift easier than ever – now there is little work to climb the stairs again – the electric stair lift is the answer.

The Stairlift answer is here – Your electric wheelchair life is now even easier

There is much support for stair lifts and reviews on electric wheelchair stairlifts, with the Acorn Superglide 120 stair lift appearing to be the answer over and over again as the best wheelchair stair lift around. The Acorn Superglide 120 stairlift is a single personal straight stairlift that has been designed specifically for handicapped mobility use in the home making homes more accessible with the simple and efficient electric stair lift. This stairlift also operates as one of the quietest stair lifts around on the wheelchair lifts market today.

The Acorn stairlift is efficient - wheelchair lifts

Most Acorn stairlift are powered by rechargeable batteries that made for efficient stair lift use. The delivery of the Acron stairlift power is nothing but smooth and one of the safest stairlift rides around. Stairlift efficiency extends to the rechargeable batteries being a great saving on your pocket and effort with them being practically maintenance free with the simple plug-in of the base wheelchair lifts unit into the power supply. There is an option that is premium to other stair lifts on the market with the ability to install power supplies at the top and bottom of the stairs so the stairlift can always be charged. One of the best features is that even if the homes main power supply of off then it will continue to work until the wheelchair Lifts batteries are flat.
The lift chair easy to use controls and swivel seat that has a great safety lap belt included with the Acron stair lift, it is really a comfortable, good looking and price-sensible selection for your own homes electric stair lift.

Key Points of choice of stair lifts for your electric wheelchair

  1. Stairlift electronic and mechanical break systems enable the limitation of any type of uncontrolled slide of the wheelchair lift
  2. The pressure responsive surface should ensure that the stairlift will not collide with any type of obstruction on the stair lifts path on the length of the electric stairlift.
  3. Total stairlift weight allowance when assembled is 133KG or about 294 lbs. There is a heavy duty solution that can take up to 158KG or 349 lbs.
  4. Pressure sensitive pads are at the footrest as well as at the top and bottom of the main carriage.
  5. More control sensors include the stairlift limit sensors to make sure that the stairlift will always stop where you want it to.
  6. The wheelchair lift track is made of aluminum and comes in up to 4.8 meters.

Highlights of the Acorn Wheelchair stair lift as reviewed

  • Easy to use controls - choose from simple joystick control operation or push-button infra-red remote control - both are standard, with The Acorn Superglide.

  • Swivel seat as standard - a comfortable swivel seat makes using the stairlift easy. Additionally, you could choose our optional 'Sit n Stand' or 'Perch' seats, if you prefer.

  • Safety as standard - our stairlift is protected by an array of safety features. Sophisticated electronic sensors ensure that the lift comes to an immediate, safe stop, if it meets with any obstruction on the stairway.

We wish you the best of luck!

DIGIADS Team Australia


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