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Disabled Travel

Handicap Vans & Accessible Wheelchair Travel - Disabled Travel

Disabled Accessible wheelchair travel is becoming a lot easier these days as most forms of private and public transportation are now wheelchair accessible.

Mobility impaired travelers are now able to trek via most modes of transportation - such as scooters, cars, buses, trains, planes and ships. Getting to your travel destination has become much easier and exploring various cities is also becoming easier.

Most forms of public transportation are equipped to handle wheelchairs and scooters and will even help you out when boarding and unboarding the vehicle. Many hotels throughout the world are also wheelchair accessible. However, if you don't feel you are capable to travel on your own, there are various organizations throughout the country that specialize in wheelchair travel and vacations. Many of these agencies take people on guided tours and cruises. You can either travel independently or with a group of people. These tours are to world-class locations and aren't just confined to local areas of interest.

Ship cruises and destinations such as Europe and the Caribbean are quite popular among accessible wheelchair travelers. Popular tours including Australia, South African safaris, Asia, the Middle East and South America are also on most tour itineraries. Some agencies even offer guided tours around the world. Trips for special occasions such as New Year's are also common.

Most of the tour guides are led by professionals in the human services field - all who are qualified and capable of looking after all of your needs. The tours are organized by professional, English-speaking guides. All travelers' needs such as hotel rooms, theater tickets and transportation tickets are pre-booked and guaranteed. Some companies can even set you up with a mobile phone while you're traveling.

Most of the tours include travel from the nearest major airport, accommodations, meals, admission to attractions, all ground transportation and supervision. The only thing you really have to worry about is spending money on souvenirs and personal items. Many travel organizations also welcome mature travelers, slow walkers, and their families and friends. Many agencies also post photo galleries of their trips on their website.

Accessible guided tours allow wheelchair travelers to experience all of the rich history and culture that the world has to offer. Accessible wheelchair travel websites and publications are also available to give you updated accessibility information on your favorite destinations.

We wish you the best of luck in Accessible Wheelchair Travel!

DIGIADS Team Australia


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