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2008 Abarth Partners with Intel and Yamaha Review

November 2008
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The collaboration between Abarth and Intel was begun with the aim of developing innovative products and devices, based on original concepts and state-of-the-art technology.

The first result of the partnership, which was made possible by the support of RTR Sports Marketing, a consultancy agency that specialises in sports marketing, is the Abarth Powerplay Extreme personal computer, a high performance desktop powered by the new Intel® CoreTM i7 Extreme processor, the most powerful microchip ever produced by Intel.

It is an "extreme" product, destined to a very demanding public, which Intel has decided to launch in Europe, co-branded with Abarth, and the "from 0 to 100" exhibition was chosen as the setting for its world preview.

The Abarth Powerplay Extreme PC, produced by Brain Technology Spa, a leading Italian company in the design, manufacture and distribution of advanced tailor-made IT solutions, has features that reflect the values of the Abarth brand: it is compact and fast with an innovative design and, thanks to the latest generation Intel® CoreTM i7 Extreme processor, it slots in at the top of the market in terms of performance.

The decision to celebrate the collaboration between the two brands with the launch of a product designed for videogamers emerged from the realisation that this market segment is a rigorous test bench for personal computers. Videogamers are some of the most demanding users, able to assess a computer's real performance and to push it to its highest limits.

Abarth and Intel intend to present the first fruit of their partnership all over Europe. The Abarth Powerplay Extreme will be the protagonist of the Intel Friday Night Game, the videogame championship recognised by the Electronic Sports League, in which the best videogamers and teams from over 30 countries compete. All through November the new desktop will be at the centre of initiatives and activities linked to the videogame world.

Modifying material with the force of passion. This philosophy, which is close to the Yamaha and Scorpion brands, has inspired the creation of a unique Concept Bike, on which ideas of exclusiveness and beauty add value to the standard production.

The FZ1 is the most powerful "naked" bike on the market, thanks to the 150 bhp of its engine derived from the supersporty R1; it has been embellished by carbon, aluminium and titanium components, ultra-adjustable suspension, monobloc brake callipers and daisy discs. Thanks to materials and technical solutions that have been experimented on circuits all over the world, the FZ1 Abarth Assetto Corse takes the riding experience to a higher level.

The FZ1 Abarth Assetto Corso is distinguished by the classic Abarth livery which combines the Scorpion and Yamaha's three tuning-fork logo to create a unique, exclusive model, and a new stylistic and technological benchmark.

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