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2010 Chevrolet Camaro Jay Leno Edition

Chevrolet unveiled five dramatic Camaro concepts at the annual automotive aftermarket extravaganza known as the SEMA Convention, each representing a different vision of style, personalization and performance. The Camaro concept vehicles includ...
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2009 Ford Focus ST BEV Raced

September 2009

A battery-electric Ford Focus will appear on "The Jay Leno Show" in a segment they call "Green Car Challenge." The battery-electric Ford Focus will be used throughout the first season of the show, driven by celebrity guests who a...
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Leno ’32 Bowtie Deuce

November 2005

An expected crowd-pleaser is GM Performance Division’s Leno '32 Bowtie Deuce Roadster, which combines several American automotive legends: the '34 Chevy, the '32 Ford Deuce roadster, the legendary GM small-block V-8 and America 's sports c...
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