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2008 StudioTorino Mercedes SL CoupeTorino

As part of the event “Turin World Design Capital 2008”, Studiotorino presents a cultural, non-profit project. The COUPETORINO is a technical and stylistic study aimed at transforming series and off-set automobiles with reliable technical solu...
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2008 Studiotorino Fiat 500 Diabolika

September 2008

Diabolika, an artistic version of the Fiat 500, shows what Studiotorino means for interior and exterior exclusive personalisation. Sitting and driving the Diabolika is like to get in a super New edition of the famous comic strips. Here you can b...
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StudioTorino RK Coupé

August 2006

On creating the RK Coupe, Studio Torino has partnered with Ruf Automobile, who is the developer and the builder of all the mechanical, performance, and certification aspects. The body and the detailing of the RK Coupé are the second exampl...
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StudioTorino RK Spyder

July 2005

Alfredo Stola's new exotic sportscar, created in cooperation with renowned Porsche tuner, RUF was introduced in Italy a couple days ago. The RK Spyder is the first example of what Alfredo Stola mean by fine sports cars. It will be produced in a limited nu...
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