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2009 EDAG "Light Car Open Source

For the body concept of the "Light Car - Open Source", EDAG has broken new ground, and for the first time ever in automotive engineering, used ASA.TEC's innovative basalt fibre, a lightweight, stable and - above all - 100% recyclable material. Propulsion ...
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2009 EDAG 'Light Car Open Source' Concept

January 2009

EDAG, worldwide provider of engineering services, will be presenting the world premiere of its vision of an environment-friendly, future-orientated vehicle for everyday and leisure use at this year's International Motor Show in Geneva. For the b...
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2008 EDAG Rolls-Royce Phantom

February 2008

Besides developments aimed at improving their ecological compatibility, the question of comfort will be a decisive factor in the marketing success of future vehicle types. Having said this, in the age of networked communication and infotainment systems, t...
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2007 Edag Luv

March 2007

“Cast off!” The new concept car from EDAG Engineering + Design AG will be making its first appearance on March 6, 2007, in Geneva – the “EDAG LUV”. The design concept of the “LUV” is based on an luxury-class ...
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Edag Luv

January 2007

On 7th March, 2007, the cry of “Cast off!” will go up in Geneva for the “EDAG LUV”, the lat-est concept car of EDAG Engineering + Design AG. Conceived as a niche vehicle, the LUV presents a maritime appearance from its bows to...
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Edag Biwak

March 2006

World Premiere of the Concept Car “EDAG Biwak” and European Premiere of the EDAG Hard Top-Version of the “Pontiac Solstice” at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show At this year’s Motor Show in Geneva, EDAG Engineering + Design AG ...
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Edag Pontiac Solstice

January 2006

World premiere at the Detroit Motor Show 2006 In its first-ever appearance at the Detroit Motor Show, EDAG will exhibit two show cars as proof of its competence when it comes to innovative development solutions, including small series product...
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Edag genX

November 2005

In order to present EDAG's capabilities as an innovative development partner for complete vehicles and production systems to a broad public, the company exhibits show cars with pioneering ideas and impulses at international motor shows. The world premiere...
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Edag Show Car No. 8

September 2005

The Roadster study EDAG Show Car No. 8 is a world first and a perfect example of the holistic philosophy of global engineering partner EDAG Engineering + Design AG, Fulda. EDAG Show Car No. 8 represents an independent vehicle design that can be manufactur...
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