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2007 Autodelta Alfa Romeo 147 GTA AM 3.7 422hp

The new Autodelta 147 GTA AM 3.7 Super pushes the engine and chassis dynamics of the Alfa 147 GTA to its most extreme point yet. This new version builds on the impressive upgrades we have already wrought to the Alfa V6 engine: capacity increased to 3,750c...
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2007 Autodelta Alfa Romeo GT Coupe 3.7

May 2007

Following a successful 2006 programme, Auto Italia magazine is set to kick off its 2007 events with the always-popular Spring Italian Car Day at the Brooklands Museum, Surrey, on Saturday 5th May. London-based aftermarket design and tuning house Autodelta...
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2007 Alfa Romeo Autodelta GT Super Evo

April 2007

Alfa Romeo enthusiasts’ attention worldwide has over the last year has been firmly focused on the “new breed” of exciting Alfa Romeo models. And at the same time the attention of Autodelta’s design and engineering team has been on ...
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Autodelta Brera J5 3.2 C

September 2006

Autodelta is proud to introduce the Autodelta Brera J5 3.2 C, the newest bespoke model created by the world-renown aftermarket Alfa Romeo design and tuning house; their first exclusive model based on the “new breed” of Alfa Romeo models; and a...
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2006 Autodelta Alfa Romeo 156 Granturismo

September 2006

Autodelta is pleased to introduce the 156 Granturismo aerodynamic bodystyling kit designed for the facelift Alfa 156 model (2003-2006), an enhancement which has been inspired by the multiple touring car championship-winning Alfa 156 S2000 racers. Read Full 2006 Autodelta Alfa Romeo 156 Granturismo Review

Delta Audi Q7

February 2006

Can you imagine the 4X4 market as a party? The Q7 would be last to arrive. He would find the buffet polished clean; only the cucumber decoration would be left. The beautiful girls would be gone, the lights dimmed and the piano player improvising softly in...
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Delta Lexus RX400

February 2006

The Lexus RX400 is creating a new superlative in the segment of offroad and sport utility vehicles (SUV). Delta4x4 can make the same claim for there new product line for the new Lexus. Delta combines high quality with state-of-the-art techniques fitting a...
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