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1921 Apollo 30PS Race Car Review

February 2010
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Apollo began as Ruppe & Sohn of Apolda in Thuringia but in 1910 it became Apollo Werke. It then started the manufacture of water and air-cooled vehicles (the latter were uncommon at that time) under the management of Karl Slevogt who was both a well respected engineer and a skilled driver.

The Apollo was a German automobile manufactured by Ruppe & Son of Apolda in Thuringia from 1910 to 1927; the company had previously offered a car called the Piccolo. The first Apollo was called the "Mobbel", and featured an air-cooled 624cc single-cylinder ioe engine. The company also offered air-cooled 1608 cc in-line fours and a 1575 cc V-4. Four separate cylinders inline powered the model "E" (1770cc). The model "B", designed by racing driver Karl Slevogt, had an ohv 960 cc four-cylinder engine. Another of the designer's fine creations had an ohv 2040 cc engine. Other Apollos had sv four-cylinder engines of up to 3440 cc; some post-1920 models featured wishbone suspension. The last cars produced by the company had ohv 1200 cc four-cylinder engines; some had sv 1551 Steudel four-cylinder power units instead. The famous designer of two-stroke engines, Hugo Ruppe, was the factory founder's son; in 1920 Apollo took over his air-cooled MAF cars. During the mid-1920s, Slevogt raced cars of this marque with streamlined Jaray bodies.

Description: Stijl vol 04 nr 10 p 153-154.jpg
English: Rondblik.
Nederlands: Rondblik.
Date: October 1921 (publication)
Source: Ad Petersen (ed.; 1968) De Stijl [vol] 2. 1921_1932. Complete Reprint 1968, Amsterdam: Athenaeum, Den Haag: Bert Bakker, Amsterdam: Polak & Van Gennep, p. 123.
Author: Theo van Doesburg (1883-1931) and anonymous (photographer)

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