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2007 B&B Audi TT 320km/h Review

March 2007
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To become member in the club of “300” was first point on - German Tuner - B&B’s to-do-list regarding development of this extraordinary TT. To reach the necessary power for a top speed of 300 and more, completely new developed turbocharger and intercooler are installed in the 3.2ltr V6 engine of the Audi TT. The air intake system has been optimized in a significant way. The oil temperature is kept on a perfect level by the help of a special slim line oil cooling system.

For perfect results the engine gets a complete sports exhaust system with race catalysts as well as a especially adapted motor management and electronic.

Pure data: 500hp and 650Nm ? 0-100km/ in 4,2 sec. ? 0-200km/h in 12,5 sec. ? 0-300km/h in 39,2sec. ? top speed: 320km/h

Security and driving condition was the second point on the to-do-list To meet risen requirements a special 8-piston high performance brake system was installed as well as a - height and in comfort -adjustable suspension kit which give each driver of a TT “Edition R” a reassuring feeling of security and sovereign driving experience at any time.

A synergy from optical impression and performance was third point on - Siegen based - B&B’s list. The top performer of Audi, the new “R8” has given the aerodynamic line of the B&B Audi TT “Edition R” a guiding hand. Single parts are available in carbon look too.

Very exclusive complete wheel sets are available in 19” and 20” and give a perfect finish to the cars exterior package.

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