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2009 B&B Volkswagen Scirocco 350hp Review

March 2009
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The newest development of B&B, the tuning program for the new VW Scirocco has been finished and enables the Scirocco`s stronges engine, the 2.0 TFSI, enormous performance values up to 350hp and 450 Nm.

The engine program with its 6 stages begins with a modification of the engine electronics and a slightly increased loading pressure to higher the car`s performance up to 235hp and 340 Nm to the price of 998 EUR. In graduations of 250, 265, 286 or 300 hp the scirocco reaches in the final EVO R stage racing values of 350 hp / 450 Nm. This enormous power can only be achieved by a complete change of the original engine by a special engine equipped with a bigger turbo loader, optimized crank shaft and forged pistons bundled with a modification of the cylinder head. To reduce exhaust back pressure, B&B mounts a special sport exhaust system with a modified pre exhaust pipe as well as a high class sport catalyst. Finally the technicians reprogram the electronically engine characteristics. To perfectly adjust the engine's oil temperature, B&B mounts a slim-line oil cooler. The following performance values show the characteristics of the B&B Scirocco EVO R: 350hp / 450Nm ; 0-100km/h in 4,9 sec ; 0-200km/h in 16,5 sec ; Vmax up to 274 (according transmission.

Engine modifications for the new 2.0 TDI Common-Rail with its 143hp / 320Nm are also available. The first stage enhances the performance values up to a level of 180hp / 390Nm. The second stage reaches 210hp and 410Nm. The "smallest" engine version, the 1.4TSI achieves in 3 stages a maximum of 240hp and 360Nm. The prices begin with 998 EUR.

To reach the risen requirements and allow better steering performances B&B offers several chassis modifications, for example 35mm lower sport springs or adjustable thread chassis. Orderable for the Scirocco are also wheel sets in 18" / 19" and 20", 4-/6- and 8-stroke braking systems as well as short shift adaptions. To reach a unique outer appearance B&B offers aerodynamic parts in qualities which are normally preserved by original manufactures.

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