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B&B Audi S3 2.0 TFSI Review

December 2006
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Optimizing the new Audi S3 by the Siegen-based tuning company B&B, leads to enormous performance, which normally is reserved by high quality sports cars from "Zuffenhausen".

From 306 hp at the entry level, 325 hp in the following level 2 up to 362 hp in the final tuning level, accelerates this S3 from 0 - 100km/h in only 4,9 seconds and achieves a Top speed of 275 km/h.

This 3-stage engine power enhancement package begins with a change in electronics and a slight increase in boost pressure to produce 306 hp and 410 nm. In the following power increase levels the S3 is boosted to 325 hp/435 nm or 362 hp/480 nm. To reach this performance,our technicians change the turbocharger, install a sport exhaust system consisting of a special downpipe and high-performance racing catalyst. To keep the engine in optimal operating conditions, the B&B team also optimizes injection and intake peripheral devices. Additional there is a special air intake system installed, as well as an optimized intercooler. To keep oil temperature in optimal niveau, B&B offers a special Slim-Line oil cooler system.

To secure optimal driving experience sport springs were offered, that lower the car by 25 mm and reduce side inclination.

Also available is an, for the new S3 developed, height and pressure adjustable coilover suspension kit, which makes increasing circle speed possible.

In these acceleration and speed levels a special 6-stroke high-performance braking system ensures S3 drivers feelings of superior security .

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