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Breyton BMW 1 Series Review

January 2005
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Now BMW is a player in the compact segment with its 1-Series, a car that has already earned the premiere spot in its class. The Breyton Team has turned its attention to the 1-series, the result being a vehicle that fairly well bristles with sportiness.
Breyton offers 9.0 x 20? and 225/30 wheels for the 1-series from its Vision line. A sportscar chassis with 50/30 mm lowering modules on the front and rear axles in combination with the 20" wheel set achieve a noticeable improvement in driving dynamics. And don’t forget the brushed aluminium strut braces.

This is supplemented by Breyton’s aerodynamic components, a set consisting of front and rear spoiler lip and side sills that highlights the 1-series’ shapely design, augmenting it without being too over-the-top.

One really special feature is the boost in performance thanks to the compressor kit that takes the Breyton 120i presented here up to a nifty 225 bhp and 273 Nm torque. A stainless steel muffler provides for improved exhaust flow.

Its high-class sportiness comes through in the interior as well. Real carbon fibre trim in silver and a variety of aluminium accessories including parking brake handle, footrest, gearshift knob and pedals provide a touch of exclusivity.

Real carbon fibre door sills round out its refined appearance.

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