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Daewoo Scope Review

April 2005
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The Scope – another European premiere in Geneva – is GM Daewoo’s vision of an automotive answer to the lifestyle of the future. It combines the dynamics and maneuverability of a sports car with the robustness of an all-terrain vehicle. With a total length of 4,474 millimeters (wheelbase: 2,650 mm), it has an aerodynamic, wedge-shaped body. The cabin-forward design and the prominent, vertical radiator grille are masculine and assertive, underlining the Scope’s off-road capabilities. Seen from the side, the Daewoo crossover has a coupé-style roofline leading to a dynamically styled rear view with semi-circular window and wrap-around tail-lights. The Scope travels on attractively styled, six-spoke 18-inch alloy wheels (255/55 R18 tires).

Despite its sporty appearance and compact dimensions (width and height: 1,897 and 1,710 millimeters), Scope features a roomy, comfortable interior with space for seven passengers. Since there is no B-pillar, the rear doors of the Daewoo Scope are hinged at the back of the vehicle. When both the front and rear doors are open, boarding the vehicle is exceptionally easy. The flexible interior of the Daewoo Scope features numerous seat configurations and several concealed storage spaces. In addition, Scope has only one remote control for the doors as well as the stereo system, which can be quite practical, for example during a picnic. Even the engine can be started using the same wireless control unit. The Scope’s modern multi-media system includes navigation, television, radio, DVD and outside mirror camera. Information is displayed on a wide-screen instrument panel.
The Scope is powered by a compact, six-cylinder, transverse engine from GM Daewoo’s XK product line. The all-aluminum DOHC (dual, overhead camshaft) engine has a capacity of 2,492 cm3 and an output of 115 kW/156 hp at 5,800 rpm; the maximum torque of 245 Nm is available at 4,000 rpm.

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