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Delta Audi Q7 Review

February 2006
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Can you imagine the 4X4 market as a party? The Q7 would be last to arrive. He would find the buffet polished clean; only the cucumber decoration would be left. The beautiful girls would be gone, the lights dimmed and the piano player improvising softly in the background.
This could have been how the Audi Q7 would have made its entrance if it weren’t for the fact that the car has so much more than any other SUV on the market. Delta is currently constructing an „Haute Couture“accessory line to accompany the Audi Q7 to the party.

The German 4x4 SUV specialist, delta4x4 is the first to have developed high-tech parts for the Audi Q7. Delta offers weight-optimized hollow spoke wheels in 21x9,5” and 21x10 inch, rims (delta Elements4) in 23x11 inch and a wheel in 22x10 inch designed by the British Design Guru Afzal Kahn.
More accessories such as a stainless steel exhaust system, a suspension kit, handmade covering for the door handles, mirror covers and stainless steel side fins are in development.
On the delta drawing board are some very exciting projects such as a diesel engine for the Q7 which is more powerful than anything available to date.

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