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2009 KTM X-Bow Hits The Snow Review

March 2009
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Two Austrian motoring revelations met this week as Production Car World Rally Champion Andreas Aigner and the KTM X-BOW came face-to-face. Aigner is the first Austrian to claim a World Rally Championship since, while the X-BOW is the first Austrian car for many, many years.

The first meeting of the exceptionally talented driver and the purist driving machine was a frosty affair, taking place on the icy slopes of the '˜KTM X-BOW ICE EXPERIENCE' in Lungau (Salzburg, Austria) '“ at minus 15 degrees Celsius.

Nevertheless, long-serving Red Bull Rally Team driver, Andreas Aigner, was red-hot for the revolutionary X-BOW right from the start. Its outstanding handling characteristics came to the fore even on the most slippery of motoring surfaces.

"I've never driven a mid-engined, rear-wheel drive car", said Aigner after the first few laps. "It's unbelievable how much fun the X-BOW delivers right away and how perfect the handling is on snow and ice. I never would have thought that you can be that quick under these challenging conditions without all-wheel drive!"

After the testing session, Andreas Aigner agreed spontaneously to accept a role as a driving instructor for the newly introduced '˜KTM X-BOW ICE EXPERIENCE'. "The X-BOW is without doubt one of the most exciting and accomplished performance cars around. Driving it on snow and ice is just immense fun."

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