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Pontiac Garage Treats New York's Times Square To A Surprise Concert Performance

May 2006
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- Christina Milian Performs Songs from Her Newly Released Album SO AMAZIN' for a huge crowd in Times Square
- The Exciting Performance Was Also Televised on Jimmy Kimmel Live

( May 17, 2006 – NEW YORK, NY) – The Pontiac Garage in New York’s Times Square was opened on Wednesday night for a special and surprise performance by Island Def Jam recording artist and actress Christina Milian. Milian, who just released her new album SO AMAZIN’this week, treated the crowd in Times Square to several songs including “Say I,” “Gonna Ride” and “Gonna Tell Everybody.”
The Pontiac Garage in Times Square has quickly become a favorite destination for artists to perform and promote upcoming albums and releases. In addition to the tremendous amount of exposure the surprise concerts in Times Square generate, Pontiac has successfully been able to leverage their relationship with the national late night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC to feature one or two songs to appear in the show’s highly regarded musical segment from the Pontiac Garage.

“We’ve had a tremendous amount of interest and support from the music industry in our Pontiac Garage platform,” said Dino Bernacchi, advertising manager, Pontiac. “Whether it’s been Fall Out Boy playing on our Pontiac Garage in Hollywood as part of the Jimmy Kimmel Live partnership, or Hawthorne Heights playing on the Pontiac Garage at the Chicago Autoshow, or P.O.D. playing on the Times Square Garage for New Year’s eve, the Pontiac Garage has been a conduit to bring cool and progressive musical performances to our consumers in a unique and memorable way.”

Pontiac Garage


“ I am so excited about playing in Times Square the week of my album release-it's so amazing to reach that many people from the top of New York!” said Milian. “ Having the performance air on Jimmy Kimmel Live from the Pontiac Garage is awesome -- I hope I get asked to play up here again.”

Pontiac is fast approaching the one year anniversary (June 21 st) of taking possession of the Pontiac Garage space in Times Square. Since the inaugural event, which featured JET performing for an estimated 55,000 fans, Pontiac has become a credible and cool source for progressive and emerging music. In addition to the Times Square and Hollywood stages, special Pontiac Garage performances have been held at the Super Bowl, Virgin Megastores, the Final Four and at various college campuses around the country.

About Pontiac

Pontiac is a division of General Motors Corporation (NYSE: GM) and markets the G6 sedan, coupe and retractable hardtop convertible; Solstice roadster; Torrent; Vibe and Grand Prix. In Fall 2006, Pontiac will introduce the turbocharged Solstice GXP and the G5 sport coupe. Pontiac sold more than 435,000 vehicles in 2005, ranking third among GM divisions in total sales. More information on Pontiac and its products can be found on the division's website at and in Spanish at For more information on the Pontiac Garage and Jimmy Kimmel, visit .

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