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2009 RENNtech Auto Tuner Review

July 2009
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The first of its kind, the R.A.T. (RENNtech Auto Tuner) has new features that allow that the user to plug directly into the ECU, via the OBD II port, thus eliminating the need for ECU removal. The R.A.T. can be shipped from RENNtech to anywhere in the world and comes pre-programmed with a RENNtech list of firmware. Reprogramming the ECU takes as little as 90 seconds and has been made as simple as plugging in the R.A.T. Once plugged in, the user can easily switch between stock, for street use, and tuned, for the track.

Extensive research and development plus endless hours of testing, resulted in RENNtech¬Ļs new creation, the R.A.T. that ¬≥marries¬≤ itself to the first Mercedes Benz that it is plugged into. Designed for the ME2.7.1 and ME2.8.1, the R.A.T. distributes the bulk of its standard tuning for the Mercedes Benz E55 and 2006, or earlier, Mercedes V12 Turbos.

When connected to the OBD II port, the R.A.T. will make a pre-determined decision which firmware should be loaded for the specific vehicle. If the necessary firmware is not pre-installed, the supplied software can be used to email the results to RENNtech. Once the proper firmware is selected and tested, it is sent back to the user as an encrypted file containing the stock and modified firmware pair. The user then has the option to select between the stock and tuned files by using a switch located on the device. RENNtech is also able to design and send custom firmware to be used with 100-octane fuel.

The RENNtech Auto Tuner is designed so that if the programming process is interrupted, either by a power loss or by the user, it will automatically recover the ECU back to stock when plugged back in. This eliminates the need to pull the ECU for recovery.

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