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Sensor GTR Review

April 2005
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The Sensor is available in two versions, the GTR a street version and the Superlight a racing version that is capable of speeds above 300 kph. When designer Ulf Bolumlid created Sensor he had only one thing on his mind, to make an eye catcher, a street legal Le Mans car that would outrun most other sports-cars both in speed and handling, on and off the track.
The Design
To achieve the ultralight weight and durability carbon fibre is used for the body and parts of the interior (sometimes in combination with fibre glass and kevlar). The carbon fibre is about 30% lighter than conventional plastic, but 10 to 20 times stronger.

The Chassis
The chassis is a formula car chassis with a mid mounted engine with some modifications for the street legal version to make it a more comfortable, give a smoother ride and meet regulations. The chassis is designed to handle engines up to 1000 bhp, and 4 to 12 cylinders.

The Team
United Design Group is constantly moving forward to cross new frontiers and bring forward new innovations for the automotive industry both on the race track and for the open road. Ulf Bolumlid is renowned for excellence in his achievements, Sensor is not an exception. Working with suppliers in a long-term partnership, with each partner continuing to bring a range of fresh and dynamic ideas to a team which already has the benefit of many years of experience in the automotive and racing industry.

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