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2008 StudioTorino Mercedes SL CoupeTorino Review

December 2008
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As part of the event “Turin World Design Capital 2008”, Studiotorino presents a cultural, non-profit project. The COUPETORINO is a technical and stylistic study aimed at transforming series and off-set automobiles with reliable technical solutions while maintaining the car’s identity. With this objective in mind the iconic Mercedes SL spider was chosen as a lone specimen. Its original architectural structure was transformed into a true coupé.

Amongst the various design studies directed by STUDIOTORINO in cooperation with Istituto di Arte Applicata e Design (IAAD) and informally presented to the Mercedes Design Center in Como to Professor Peter Pfeiffer, a more typically Italian coupé style was chosen.

This project includes an accurate 1:4 scale maquette personally modeled by Alfredo Stola and a photographic exhibit presenting all of its developmental stages, from its conception to its realization.

An in depth study presents all of the construction methodology and aerodynamics with the goal of creating a perfectly functional prototype with the reliability akin to that of series automobiles.

COUPETORINO was presented on December 12, 2008 at the Première held at Turin Gallery with an exhibit titled “Bespoke Coachwork”.

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