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StudioTorino RK Coupé Review

August 2006
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On creating the RK Coupe, Studio Torino has partnered with Ruf Automobile, who is the developer and the builder of all the mechanical, performance, and certification aspects.

The body and the detailing of the RK Coupé are the second example of what it is meant by fine sports cars. As with the Spyder, it will be a limited edition production of no more than 49 vehicles built upon-request. The details and mechanics of each car will be personalized to fit the desires and needs of our client. The prototype model number for the RK Coupé was P rototype C 1/1.

The RK Coupé offers the same quality and emotions as the Spyder but caters to the client who wants to be protected from the elements. Purposely snug and sporty, the enveloping interior provides for a comfortable driving experience.

Inspired by the great classics but with an eye towards the future the distinctive feature of this car body is the rear trunk.

The Porsche 904 and the Dino 246 GT were the inspiration. This Coupé is understated, not large and not brash. It is tailored to the pilot and co-pilot like an haute-couture dress.

It is powerful, but not excessively. Its Ruf powerplant revs up and guarantees 440 bhp, but mostly delivers a very high torque at any RPM. It has a top speed of 186 mph.

The RK Coupé is the natural and obvious evolution of the Spyder, Studio Torino ’s first project.

Studio Torino team’s directions are clear: design an off-set that maintains all of the stylistic characteristics of the Spyder yet offers something new in the rear, seeking inspiration in the classic cars of the past but with an outlook towards the future.

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