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2010 Bingo Ball Vauxhall Corsa Review

November 2010
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After the astounding success of the Vauxhall Motors events in London (Vauxhall Skate, Vauxhall Ice Skate and of course Vauxhall Motors Bowling Club this summer), we've decided to hop in the car and head to the bright lights of Manchester for our next uniquely wondrous event.

We've tracked down a mysterious, yet infamous, bingo sect who can be found travelling in a pack from New York to Nottingham, Las Vegas to Leeds spreading their own bespoke bingo vision to the unsuspecting public. On 1st December they'll be putting on a Vauxhall Motors show like no other, with a brand new Vauxhall Corsa (worth over £10,000) up for grabs as the bingo jackpot.

Ahead of the evening Vauxhall has provided a sneak preview of a unique four-wheeled art commission that will act as the event centrepiece.

The special Corsa has been wrapped in an eye-catching pastel bingo sheet design with over 2,000 bingo balls carefully stuck on by hand around car contours and features. The colourful bespoke car will even house the bingo cage on the roof. The car will take pride of place at the event, resting on the church altar!

Providing music to watch balls fly, Northern legend and British fashion icon Henry Holland and Manchester DJ Rob Ellis (Galaxy FM) will be on hand to entertain during game interludes.

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