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2007 ZAP 2nd High Performance Vehicle Review

July 2007
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ZAP announces second high-performance electric vehicle in development which includes similar technology and is expected sooner than ZAP-X. Electric car pioneer ZAP is launching a new development program for a high-performance electric vehicle that is affordable for consumers.

Electric car pioneer ZAP is developing a new electric vehicle that is affordable for consumers. With a targeted price of $30,000, ZAP says the technology for the new vehicle is similar to that of an electric SUV concept announced earlier this year called ZAP-X, but will be available sooner.

ZAP says that the initial concept phase for the new vehicle is complete. The targeted price is $30,000, top speed in excess of 100 mph and range of 100 miles per charge. Many of the technologies already specified for the ZAP-X electric car concept will be applied to the new vehicle, but delivery is expected to be sooner than the ZAP-X. CEO Steve Schneider said more details of the new vehicle will be presented at the annual shareholder meeting, July 29 in Santa Rosa, California.
"With ZAP's experience over the past 12 years and the groundwork we have already laid, we know that electricity is the future of the auto industry," said Schneider. "At the same time, we believe we have a design that will serve a niche no other manufacturer in the auto industry is seeking to fill."

Today, ZAP is selling an innovative electric car and truck design called the XEBRA for about $10,000 that travels speeds up to 40 MPH. Schneider says the XEBRA was designed to fill the growing niche for city-speed electric vehicles. ZAP is marketing them towards government and municipal fleets as well as short-distance commuters.

ZAP sells the XEBRA through an authorized dealer network of sales and service centers. ZAP is developing a number of vehicles for its automotive business plan. Earlier this year, ZAP introduced a high-performance compact, or crossover, SUV concept called ZAP-X. ZAP also has ventures to build cars in China and Brazil.

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