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2009 ZAP Alias Review

March 2008
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Approximate MSRP: $32,500

General Info
• Front wheel drive
• Wheel motors X 2
• Motors: 2 x PML 15.75 inches (400 mm)
• Peak Power – 321.85 Horsepower (240 kW) total
• Peak Torque – 557.52 lb/ft (756 Nm)
• Max Revs - 2100 rpm
• Water cooled

• 0 – 60 mph ( 96.56 Km/h): 5.7 seconds
• Vmax: 156 mph (251.06 Km/h)
• EV range: 100+ miles (160.9 kilometer)
• Vehicle kerb mass: 1612.6 lbs (733 kg)

ZAP-3 Homologated as a motorcycle with Enhanced safety features
• Seatbelts
• Roll hoop

- CAE will guide the development of structural safety solutions

RESERVE NOW! GET A REBATE OF $100 or all the ZAP electricity consumption for one year!

If you reserve now, we will give you a rebate of $100, after your purchase is completed and payment is made to your local dealer, or if you carefully monitor your electrical consumption, will pay for ALL the electricity consumed after one year by your ZAP vehicle.


ZAP hereby accepts the sum of $5,000.00 as the deposit for the reservation of a ZAP Alias. Upon written approval, all sums received will be applied to the ultimate purchase of a ZAP Alias when available. ZAP has the right to cancel the reservation and return the reservation fee at any time prior to the final purchase contract.

Any sum tendered to ZAP under this reservation program is fully refundable (in 30 days) by written demand of Reservation Name at any time prior to the execution of a purchase contract.

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