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1957 n2a Chevrolet Bel Air 789 Review

February 2007
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Named for the three years represented in the overall design, the 789 has the "hooded eyes" and chrome grille bar of a '57 Bel Air, a mid-section and tri-toned interior that is reminiscent of a '58 Impala and the "bird in flight" rear tailfins of a '59. These three vehicles are all instantly recognizable classics celebrated by people around the world.

No matter how well you restore a '57 Chevy or how much you update a '59, you still have a 50 year old car with its outdated technology and safety features - not to mention reliability problems. The 789 solves that with the latest in GM engineering. Get in and go anywhere, drive 190 mph if it's legal, and get 25 miles per gallon cruising on the highway.

Looks? You will have picture phones galore sending photos around the world of your one-of-a-kind ride. No two cars will have the identical paint scheme or colors, and with over 10,000 interior combinations you will never be parked next to yourself at the country club or cruise-in. Recently we attended a very fancy cruise in and there were two Ford GT's near each other, both grey, white stripe/black interior. Needless to say, all eyes were on the 789.

Kanter Concepts is the designer of the 789 and they do it the old fashioned way. The design team sketches by hand and the clay modelers do it by hand also, that's the only way to get sensuous curves and sexy features. Computers? Sure we use them, each staff member has the most complex computer known to mankind - the human brain. Want a cookie cutter car? The same computers that design cars can run a cookie factory.

The price of a turnkey 789 is $135,000, well equipped with all Corvette standard equipment including the 400 horsepower aluminum block V8 engine. In addition, each car includes a custom Borla exhaust system, PST high performance anti-sway bars and a $2,000 wheel/tire upgrade allowance. Any upgrade or modification can be done to your car at additoinal cost, from turbocharging to ceramic brakes and from a 1000 watt stereo to ostrich leather interior. Our only limit is your imagination.

The exterior of your car is what the world sees just like the outside of your home . But you spend most of your time enjoying your home and car from the inside. The first Impala model was the 1958, it was top of the line and only available in two door convertible and coupe. In the years following it was the name of a model series of sedans, coupes and wagons . Purists consider the '58 as the only true Impala.

Each 789 interior is based on the donor C6 Corvette and is tri-toned as standard equipment, just like the '58 Impala that inspired it. You have the choice of virtually any available commercial fabric or leather combination at no extra cost. Ostrich grain, alligator, rattan, brocade, or perforated leather. Bring us your thoughts or samples and we'll turn it into reality.

At extra cost anything is available, solid silver dash surrounds, hand tooled leather sests, panels accessories. Sound system upgrades, door panels that glow in different colors in sync with the music, racing seats with your name or crest embroidered on them.

Our design staff will be glad to consult with you and prepare renderings to build your car or we can work with your own design or that of a designer of your choice.

Remember, "no two alike" refers to interiors also. For sure you'll never get into the wrong car at Burger King or the Neiman Marcus parking lot.

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