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Nissan Releases New Atlas Light-Duty Truck

January 2007
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TOKYO (January 30, 2007) - Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the release of the new Atlas light-duty truck. The Atlas is offered in three cab configurations: a new Atlas Semi-Wide series, which is 75mm wider than the previous Atlas High Cab, an Atlas Wide Cab and Atlas Standard Cab. Each offers significant enhancements to interior comfort and driver ergonomics, as well as new technologies designed to deliver improved environmental and energy-saving performance.
The Atlas Semi-Wide and Wide Cab series go on sale today, followed by the Atlas Standard Cab, which will be available in early March. Atlas, based on the Isuzu ELF, is supplied to Nissan on an OEM basis by Isuzu Motors Limited.
•New Semi-Wide Cab Series

* One of the most significant changes to Atlas is a new cab series designed to respond to changing market demands. Interior comfort has been greatly improved by extending the cab width to 1770mm - 75mm wider than the previous Atlas High Cab's cab width. Cab strength also has been increased and the gap between the cabin width and rear body has been reduced, while the rear body size can be expanded further during customization. As a result, the new Atlas provides both nimble maneuverability and the high loading efficiency required for urban delivery use.

Interior comfort has been improved through the adoption of upright front pillars and increases to the cab depth and height. The driving position has been optimized in order to minimize fatigue through a change in hip point location and an extension of the seatback recline angle.

In addition, Atlas vehicle weight has been reduced by 200kg (compared to the previous model), allowing ample load capacity even within the revised framework of the Ordinary Driver's License*1.

•A new, efficient small-displacement turbo diesel

* The new Atlas is equipped with a newly developed small displacement turbo diesel engine that delivers enhanced performance and emission efficiency (compared to the previous model). Along with being certified as a low emissions heavy vehicle, emitting fewer emissions than the 2005 exhaust emissions standards, the new Atlas is the first vehicle in this category*2 to meet the fuel economy standards for heavy vehicles*3.

Models equipped with the newly developed 4JJ1-TCS engine reduce NOx and PM (particulate matter) emissions by an additional 10% from Japan's 2005 exhaust emission regulations. Models fitted with the 4HK1-TCN engine emit 10% fewer PM emissions than required by emissions standards. These models are certified as low emission heavy vehicles by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. They also qualify for a 2% reduction in automobile acquisition tax under the Green Tax Program in Japan because they meet the fuel economy standards for heavy vehicles (excluding some Atlas models).

The new Atlas is equipped with a standard automatic idling stop and start system, part of the package of environmentally friendly features. This is the first standard application of the system to vehicles in this category*2, contributing to reduced exhaust emissions, improved fuel economy and noise reduction.

Atlas is offered with a new Smoother Ex manual transmission, which provides improved gearshift operation and feel. Though based on a manual transmission, it replicates automatic gear shifting and sequential manual transmission control, so that drivers having only an AT (automatic transmission) driver's license are eligible to drive the new Atlas with Smoother Ex.

•Enhanced Safety Features

* The new Atlas provides a number standard safety features including a driver's seat SRS air bag system, pretensioner seatbelt with load limiter and an energy-absorbing steering wheel. For passenger safety, the Atlas Custom is fitted with a standard passenger seat SRS air bag and pretensioner seatbelt (available as an option on the DX and Standard models).

An anti-theft electronic locking system (immobilizer) has also been adopted on all Atlas models as standard equipment.

Sales Target 2,000 units/year

*1: When a new driver's license system is introduced in June 2007, a new medium-size vehicle category is to be created. In conjunction with this revision, people having a new ordinary driver's license can drive vehicles up to GVW (gross vehicle weight) under 5 tons and up to payload under 3 tons.
*2: 1.5-ton and 2 to 3 ton diesel truck category excluding hybrid vehicles. Also excluding OEM supplier company's vehicles and some Atlas models.
*3: T1 to T3 Categories
With the addition of transport category to the energy conservation law, weighted average fuel consumption of diesel-powered heavy vehicles in respective categories shipped to the Japanese market must meet target standard values from FY2015 onwards.


Source: Nissan

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