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Renault Modus 1.5 dCi 85 Quickshift Driving Pleasure and Functional Safety

April 2006
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April 10, 2006

1.5 dCi 85hp engine
Modus is now available with a five-speed robotized gearbox for the 1.5 dCi 85hp diesel-engined version. This transmission, which can be used in either automatic or manual mode, benefits from the very latest developments for even more driving pleasure and functional safety. The price for Modus 1.5 dCi 85 Quickshift in France ranges from €17,150 to €20,850.

Already available for Twingo and Clio II, the Quickshift robotized gearbox will also be available in France for Modus 1.5 dCi 85 from April 21, 2006. It will be the first dieselengined passenger car of the Renault range to be equipped with flick-shift, robotized transmission which combines the performance and fuel economy of a manual gearbox with the user-friendliness of automatic transmission. The system fitted to Modus benefits from developments aimed at enhancing driving pleasure and functional safety.
In addition to the manual mode, the Quickshift gearbox permits drivers to opt for the automatic five-speed transmission mode. The six auto-adaptive parameters guarantee selection of the correct gear according to driving style and road type. The "kick down" function ensures instant downshift when the accelerator pedal is floored, while the "brake assistance" function anticipates downshifts under braking to profit from the slowing effects of engine braking and also engages the ideal gear for reacceleration.

Under heavy braking, the box shifts down two gears to increase engine braking and shorten stopping distances. The principal evolution concerning this robotized gearbox is that the driver can override the automatic mode at any time in order to change gears without having to swap modes. This function allows drivers to personalize the way they drive and to be proactive when reacting to an unexpected situation. The "snow" mode, which is activated by a specific switch, facilitates pulling away in second gear when grip is at a premium and enables more progressive control of clutch bite in order to minimize wheelspin. The snow mode features a specific shift pattern, while gear changes and pull away are both now smoother. The "creeping" mode (for hill starts and parking) offers even smoother gear changes.

Intuitive operation

The Quickshift gearbox is extremely easy to use. In manual mode, gear changes require a simple flick of the joystick type gear lever; a forward flick (+) to change up and a rearward flick (-) to shift down. It is also possible to "jump" gears. For example, if the driver flicks the lever back three times when travelling in fifth gear, the gearbox will automatically select second gear. Unlike manual gearboxes, all this can be done without lifting off the accelerator pedal. The Quickshift gearbox control unit also prevents the wrong gear from being selected since it is impossible to change to a lower gear if there is a chance of the engine overrevving. It is impossible to stall the engine too. The switch from manual to automatic mode and vice-versa simply requires the driver to move the gear lever knob to the left. At standstill, the gearbox automatically engages first gear.

The JA5 Quickshift gearbox's design is based on that of the JRQ manual five-speed gearbox used for Modus 1.5 dCi which has permitted the traditional losses and friction associated with automatic torque converter transmissions to be avoided. The combined cycle fuel consumption is just 4.5l/100km, which is equivalent to that of the manual gearbox. The Quickshift gearbox offers top acceleration performance, taking Modus 1.5 dCi Quickshift from standstill to 100kph in 14.8 seconds. Modus is manufactured in Renault's Valladolid factory in Spain. More than 280,000 units have been produced since the model's launch in September 2004.

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