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Special Luminescent Paintwork from Katharina Sieverding's Master Class Styles the Penultimate smart fortwo Review

January 2007
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Special luminescent paintwork: Katharina Sieverding's master class styles the penultimate smart fortwo

Stuttgart, Jan 19, 2007 -- Before the new smart fortwo is launched on the market in April 2007, the master class of the internationally renowned photo artist Katharina Sieverding will work on a unique project: The master students Friederike Hamann and Moritz Hirsch will turn the penultimate car of the current smart fortwo series into a phosphorescent light object.

After its completion, the smart fortwo will be staged and photographed in urban spaces as a rolling work of art. The highlight of the project is the exclusive three-day exhibition of the vehicle and the documentary photo strip at Galerie Viaux in Berlin from 08 - 11 March 2007. The pictures can be purchased and the proceeds will go to charity.
smart fortwo with special luminescent paintwork

Like the work of Katharina Sieverding, who is renowned for her large-format self-portraits and one of the leading contemporary international photo artists, the master students will show the possibilities offered by modern photography.

They use the smart fortwo as an experimental light source that reacts to different influences like a photographic exposure process. With special luminescent green paintwork the smart fortwo reflects its environment and presents the city in its own special way.

Moritz Hirsch has experimented with projections and light in public spaces since 2001. "For me the car represents the interface between mobility and the city. There is a unique interplay of light and reflection on the smart fortwo", is how the artist describes the intention of the project.

Last available smart fortwo of the current series

The smart fortwo styled by Friederike Hamann and Moritz Hirsch is the penultimate car produced and the last model of the present series to be offered for sale. This is because it is a tradition for the first and last vehicle produced in series by the Mercedes Car Group to be handed over to the collection of the Mercedes-Benz museum.

To date, 770,256 smart fortwos have been produced at "smartville", the production plant at Hambach in France. The last vehicle of the current smart fortwo series rolled off the production line at the end of November. Production of the new smart fortwo started on 2 January 2007.

Source: DaimlerChrysler

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