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Ford Motors at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show Review

March 2007
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John Fleming Revealing the New 2007 Ford Mondeo in Geneva:
Eve of show event with John Fleming revealing the new Ford Mondeo at the President Wilson Hotel, Geneva, 5th March 2007. (Photograph by Tim Bishop for Ford)

March 6, 2007 -- Comments of John Fleming, President & CEO of Ford of Europe at the 2007 Geneva Auto Show: "2006 was a great year for Ford of Europe. 2007 will be equally exciting, as the dynamic, all-new Ford Mondeo, plus the redesigned Ford C-MAX will add real strength to our expanding portfolio.

The striking new Ford Mondeo is particularly important to us – it transforms our large car portfolio, epitomises our 'kinetic design' styling, and is the most technologically-advanced car we've ever launched.

Every car we produce is significant to us, but for the Ford business in Europe there is no product that is more important than Ford Mondeo, or that signals the progress we are making as a brand and as a company.
Since the original car was launched in 1993, Mondeo has been a key model in the Ford range. It has always been a major player in the CD segment, even as the segment has continued to shrink, and now we have almost four million Ford Mondeo customers. These customers have significant expectations because this is a market that has to suit many needs. Above all, they are counting on us to deliver on our promise to make the all-new car better in every way.
The dramatic new model is also important as the last piece of our new CD-car line-up. It represents the completion of a 715 million Euros investment programme for our Genk production plant in Belgium where all three new Ford Mondeo bodystyles will be built alongside the latest generation Ford Galaxy and the Ford S-MAX, Car of the Year 2007. This investment has transformed Genk into one of Ford's most modern and flexible vehicle production plants.

Because new Ford Mondeo, Ford Galaxy and Ford S-MAX share many common technologies, we can put these five models down the same production line, which is good news for efficiency, quality and ultimately, our customers. Thanks to Ford Motor Company's shared technologies approach to vehicle development, we have been able to leverage a portfolio of substructures and technologies and adapt these to a group of vehicles which have individual characters, both visually and in terms of their driving behaviour.

Mondeo is significant too in that it has been designed from the outset with sustainability in mind. New Mondeo has been developed around Ford's Product Sustainability Index initiative, which takes into account the entire product cycle, from materials to the ecology of our manufacturing sites, the vehicle itself including emissions and safety, the cost of ownership and end of life equations.

We believe the new Mondeo's 'kinetic design' styling is strikingly different. Also, we know it will deliver premium levels of quality, both in terms of perception and dependability. It features many new technologies, some of which are new to Ford for the first time, and all of which will place the new car in a different league to its predecessors. We are launching all three bodystyles simultaneously, because we understand how different our customers' needs are.

I am very proud of what the team has achieved in creating the new Mondeo. I am also convinced that, like the Ford S-MAX, Car of the Year 2007, the new 2007 Ford Mondeo will bring new buyers to Ford showrooms as well as delight our loyal customer base
across Europe."

John Fleming
President & CEO,
Ford of Europe
March 2007

Source: Ford Motor Company

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