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New Lotus Europa S Gives Local MP the "Blues"

October 2006
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26 October 2006 -- Richard Bacon MP has embarked upon an extended test drive of the brand new Lotus Europa S – the latest high performance, lightweight sportscar from the stable of Lotus Cars, the largest employer in his South Norfolk parliamentary constituency.
Mr Bacon was handed the keys to the Magnetic Blue Lotus Europa S by the CEO of Group Lotus plc, Mike Kimberley, following a meeting to discuss the company’s growth plans. Richard will be using the sportscar to promote Norfolk as a business location, holiday destination and a region with great investment potential. To aid this promotion, a decal has been fitted to the rear of the car stating “Support Norfolk Business, Drive a Lotus!”

Whilst at Lotus, Richard Bacon was briefed by Mike Kimberley about the new 5 year business plan for Group Lotus plc. The business plan includes opportunities for growth in Lotus Engineering (including expansion in new markets, joint ventures and strategic alliances) and the launch of three new Lotus models over the next three years for Lotus Cars.

On handing over the keys, Mike Kimberley said, “The Lotus Europa S, being the latest model from Hethel is the perfect car for Richard. It is a sportscar that goes as far as we feel we can towards a Grand Tourer style Lotus, without compromising what the Lotus Brand stands for – namely fun, involving and safe driving. So Richard can arrive promptly at Westminster in sophisticated style and at the end of the day take the long route home, enjoying the fabulous roads that we have in this region. On a more serious note, I am very grateful for the support, both publicly and behind the scenes, that Richard has given to Lotus over the years.”

Richard Bacon MP said, “Lotus is a vital business within my constituency. It is the largest employer in South Norfolk and a flagship company not just for the region but for the United Kingdom as a whole. It is marvelous to have a company with so many prospects and so much potential on our doorstep. It is also reassuring to hear from Mike that Lotus and its shareholders are committed to Norfolk for a long time to come. Finally, I would like to thank Lotus for allowing me to test drive this brilliant car – and in such a suitable colour scheme too! I never realised how enjoyable driving can be!”

Lotus Europa S The new Lotus Europa S will provide Lotus customers a spectacular sportscar with significantly enhanced levels of touring and cruising capability, as well as higher levels of practicality and refinement to complement the simplicity of the Lotus Elise and Exige models. The Lotus Europa S has the fantastic performance that you would expect from a Lotus: 0-60 mph in 5.6 seconds, 0-100 mph in 13.6 seconds and a maximum speed of 150 mph. The Recommended Retail Price is £32,995.

Source: Group Lotus

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