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2010 RDX Seat Leon Improved Review

May 2010
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Among enthusiasts of the Seat Leon, this car has gained a similar reputation as the Audi A3 but with a much better price performance/ratio. Now, RDX RACEDESIGN provides an individual look with a complete body kit for this Spaniard. The front spoiler provided by this specialist for body kits is proof for this company's engineering know-how. For each model of the Seat Leon (model 1P), RDX RACEDESIGN offers the perfectly fitting spoiler. All models up to the facelift in 2000 as well as all models since the upgrading of the model are shaped with individual fronts. Special options are offered for models FR and Cupra. RDX RACEDESIGN offers this front spoiler including the TÓV component certificate for easy registration at a price of only 'š¬ 169 including taxis.

The side skirts complement the new body design. RDX RACEDESIGN offers 4 side skirt designs off the shelf, so each driver can modify his Seat Leon individually, based on his imagination. Thanks to the certificate, these side skirts are selling at only 'š¬ 129, do not require registration.

The rear spoiler with its two large openings and center brace, complete the body kit. This add-on part does not require registration either and is offered by RDX RACEDESIGN for only 'š¬ 179. This body kit for the Seat Leon is complemented by the registration-free headlight bezel for only 'š¬ 25, and the roof spoiler, which is available in 2 different designs. The smaller version sells for only 'š¬ 109 and the larger model is available at a price of only 'š¬ 149.

RDX RACEDESIGN manufactures all components of the body kit with the high-quality plastic PU-ABS and in original equipment quality. The special features of this material are lightweight and, in particular, material stability and elasticity.

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