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SEAT Management and Trade Unions Reach an Agreement on the Business Activity Improvement Plan in Order To Guarantee the Future of SEAT

April 2007
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Martorell, 04-04-2007 - After one month of negotiations, the management of SEAT and the representatives of Spain’s most important trade unions (UGT and CCOO) yesterday reached an agreement on the launch of the new layoff program for the three years to come (2007 to 2009), which, in combination with other measures encompassed in SEAT’s business activity improvement plan, will help guarantee the future of the company. The third trade union CGT has asked for some days of reflection before joining the agreement.
The most important issues agreed between the company and the trade union representatives were the following:

* Early retirement, which affects employees who are older than 58 years; the retirement will become effective once they turn 60.
* Permanent leaves (only applicable to employees who have been working with the company for a minimum of two years).
* Leaves of absence (for a maximum of five years)
* Sabbatical leaves

The goals of these employee related measures are a reduction of the workforce by about 10 %, an improvement of the company’s long-term competitiveness, and the assignment and production in Martorell of two new models of the Spanish brand, the Altea Freetrack and the B1 limousine.

After signing the agreement, Erich Schmitt, president of the Spanish automaker, expressed his satisfaction with, “the effort that has been made and the responsibility displayed by the trade union representatives in the elaboration of this agreement, which makes it possible to lay the foundations for the future of SEAT in times where competition forces us to supervise all the processes within our company, and which helps us to avoid more drastic measures".

Source: SEAT

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